paliki do winorośli
paliki do winorośli
6/8cm x 250cm
8/10cm x 250cm

Planed stake

Apart from a great selection of turned products we also offer debarked products. Stakes are used on vines, olives plantation and they are perfectly suitable for stiffening or stabilising trees.
Debarked stakes are dried up, beveled, pointed and impregnated in class IV.
Stakes are available in the following diameters:
- 3/5 cm
- 4/6 cm
- 5/7 cm
- 6/8 cm
- 8/10 cm
- 10/12 cm
- 12/14 cm

Length 125cm – 300cm

Quality of our products has a good reputation in many countries of Western Europe where olives and vines cultivation is very popular.