P.P.U. Kopgard Sp. z o.o wooden products

Kopgard Ltd. is one of the greatest sawmill company in Poland with extensive experience of producing and supplying solid wood products. It has been providing high quality of timber supplies for more than 23 years. It was established in 1991 and its long tradition of wood production and impregnation dates back to 1880. Currently we have been specializing in the wooden products which include turned or planed poles, stakes, cobbled wood pavements, teletechnical poles, fences and planks. We provide a great wood treatment service with the pressure method with chromic (Impralit) and non-chromic (Wolmanit) agents.

If you are interested in garden furniture we offer a great range of elements for playgrounds, picnic sets, sandboxes, composters, swings, sandpits and sheds. We are highly popular with the production of gardening decoration that includes, log rolls, flowery pots as well as summer sheds.
We equip firms which deal with building parks, local playgrounds, parking space and gardens.

Our products can be bought in raw condition or impregnated by pressure in class III or IV.

In 2000 we were awarded with certificate FSC – Chain of Custody and accompanied with the demands of responsible forestry practices. This means that 100% of materials which we use came from responsible forest management.

We know that nothing is as important as solid and durable timber supplies with a range of high-class timber treatments keeping the wood well protected.

We supply pine wood of any section to both the building trade and private customers.

Our reputation is founded on consistent high quality, attention to details, and ability to handle products of all sizes.

Sustainability is at the very heart of what we do and we are dedicated to managing our operations well and continuous improve our performance.
We export 80% of our products which are appreciated all over Europe.