Impregnation service

Kopgard Ltd provides vacuum-pressure impregnation method of wood preservation in order to protect the wood against the weather conditions and the most exposed situations.

We have three autoclaves with high performance in which the wood has been impregnated with the use of treatment agents such as chromic (Impralit CCO) and non- chromic (Impralit KDS).

We provide impregnation service not only from out own production but we are able to impregnate wood elements coming from outside.

We are willing to impregnate wood for both building usage (roof trusses, planks) and gardening (summer sheds, flowery pots).

Vacuum pressure impregnation is highly recommended. If you use this method of impregnation you do not expose yourself to the costs arising from damage as a result of poor protection. The costs of the impregnation are relatively low compared to the cost of replacing such a building structure.

The quality of our impregnation is highly appreciated in Western European countries such as Germany, Austria, Slovakia, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece or Ireland.